Edited by Boaz Ronen

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) has spread as a leading managerial philosophy during the last two decades. TOC is successfully implemented in thousands of companies and organizations, large and small, throughout the globe. It has been implemented in the areas of production, logistics, distribution, project management, research and development and sales and marketing, across a multitude of sectors in all industries. Implemented properly, TOC leads to significant results in a relatively short time. However, contrary to the vast application of TOC in practice, TOC research published in refereed academic journals is lagging behind. TOC should be proven as a continuity of previous research rather than a stand alone new concept. TOC practitioners should seek for academic examination for the validity of the tools and the understanding of the implementation process. The book is intended all TOC academic and practitioners who wish to close the gap between TOC practice and research. Students of Business Administration and Ph.D students will also find it very useful.

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