By Boaz Ronen and Joseph S. Pliskin, with Shimeon Pass

This book explains important aspects of management in health care using a practical, step-by-step approach. Students and practitioners will gain a comprehensive understanding of how management techniques and philosophies are used to evaluate the performance of operating units, driving the design of new or improved procedures and systems, and influencing decision-making. This book takes a Focused Management approach, which identifies and inexpensively solves bottlenecks that can have major results, such as significant reductions in waiting time in emergency rooms, or increases in use of operating rooms. Included in its coverage is the Theory of Constraints (TOC) with specific applications to operating rooms and emergency departments, and tools such as the Focusing Table, the Focusing Matrix, the Complete Kit concept and Pareto Analysis that can increase throughput, reduce response time and create value.

The book is intended for managers in all areas of healthcare services. Students of healthcare management will also find it very useful.

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