By Boaz Ronen and Shimeon Pass

Focused Operations Management shows how to do much more with existing resources in terms of throughput, response time and quality. It provides a system view and will touch upon performance measures, operations management, cost-accounting, pricing, and above all, value creation and value enhancement. For almost any organization-nonprofits, service companies, manufacturing, high-tech industries, financial services, retail, communications, and more-Focused Operations Management offers solutions for doing more with existing resources. Based on commonsense principles and applicable to both large and small organizations, Focused Operations Management covers vital topics in the field, including The Pareto Rule, the Focusing Matrix, The Theory of Constraints (TOC), Reducing response times, The Complete Kit concept, Performance measures, Strategy, positioning and focusing, Value-focused project management and much more. Completely up to date, with over 120 real-life examples, this thorough guide is the ultimate resource for any business struggling to succeed in the competitive global marketplace.

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