By Boaz Ronen and Shimeon Pass

The main theme of the book is that one can do much more with the existing resources in terms of throughput, response time and quality. It provides a system view and addresses issues such as performance measures, operations management, quality, cost-accounting, pricing, and above all, value creation and value enhancement.

The methods described in the book are valuable for business organizations as well as for not-for-profit organizations, in service organizations, manufacturing, hi-tech, financial services, retail, and communication companies. The methods are based on "common sense", and are applicable for both large and small organizations, and aimed at managers of all levels.

The book includes the use of methods such as the Theory of Constraints (TOC) that yields fast results. The book demonstrates how simple tools like the Focusing Table, the Focusing Matrix, the Complete Kit concept and applications of the Pareto Analysis which can increase throughput, reduce response time and create value.

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